Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Gods were Aliens!

I am investigating histories of religions and the possibility of what they saw was aliens. The problem with this investigation would be definitive proof of aliens. This would affect 90% of the world’s population. Throughout the years, science and religion have been battling for 700 years or more. The effects of this problem would be that millions of people would have to change their minds and faith.
  The audience that mostly would target this information would be scientist. I believe that most scientists already know about this problem. Over the last 600 years, scientists have made the church change their views on 3 separate occasions from scientific findings. The biggest question to the audience would be why scientists would ruin their faith. My problem is very important because it will bring resolution to both sides weather there is a god or we evolved from aliens or bacteria.
  My research plan is to gather evidence of past findings of historical writings and try to decode the past. I plan on looking at ancient hieroglyphs and ancient writings. I plan to find most of my research on the internet like the History channel, Discovery channel and the science channel. I will evaluate my sources by facts. The hard thing to do is both topics are extremely theoretical and people have been going by faith and not proof for so long, it will very much have a huge impact if science wins the battle. I hope to answer the questions for once and for all the greatest debate ever to face man kind since the time of humans began.
  My working solution will be to investigate all aspects of the problem. To research what has been said and done in history. It will take lots of research on how to find whether or not I need to believe in a higher power or if all that has been done in history was really aliens that were involved in humanities upbringing.  Analyzing all my research should give me a better understanding of the truth of history.  Were there really battles of gods in the sky or was it aliens fighting each other. I hope that after the research and analysis, the truth will be told.